The bow is a type of weapon that deals ranged damage and utilizes arrows as ammunition. The damage and knockback of a given shot fired from a bow is calculated by adding the base damage and knockback of the bow itself with the damage and knockback of the arrow it fires, so even if a bow doesn't have any knockback, the shot it fires will still have knockback to it (it's worth noting, however, that the critical strike chance from the arrows does not stack with that of the bow). Bows, like other projectile-based weapons, can shoot through platforms from both above and below.

Types of BowsEdit

Tier Name Materials Base Damage Base Speed Base Knockback Sell Price Crafting Station
1 Wooden Bow 10 Wood 4 Average None 20 Copper Work Bench
2 Copper Bow 7 Copper Bars 6 Average None 70 Copper Iron Anvil
3 Iron Bow 7 Iron Bars 8 Average None 2 Silver & 8 Copper Iron Anvil
4 Silver Bow 7 Silver Bars 9 Average None 7 Silver Iron Anvil
5 Gold Bow 7 Gold Bars 11 Average None 14 Silver Iron Anvil
6 Demon Bow 8 Demonite Bars 14 Fast Extremely Weak 36 Silver Iron Anvil
7 Molten Fury 25 Hellstone Bars 29 Fast Very Weak 54 Silver Iron Anvil

Molten FuryEdit

The Molten Fury is unique from other bows in that it, as its description states, "Lights wooden arrows ablaze." Any Wooden Arrow fired from the Molten Fury still deals the damage of a Wooden Arrow, but, like a Flaming Arrow, will inflict the "On Fire!" status effect to its target. In addition, if the arrow is "refunded," it will be a Flaming Arrow.