HP 2800 - 1st Phase 1400 - 2nd Phase Variety Demon Eye Attack Damage 15 - 1st Phase 23 - 2nd Phase Defense 12 - 1st Phase 0 - 2nd Phase Spawn Time Night Drops Demonite Ore Unholy Arrows Corrupt Seeds Lesser Healing Potions Summoned By Suspicious Looking Eye

The Eye of Cthulu(EoC) is probably the first Boss a new player will encounter during their adventure. This will tell you how to be prepared, the weaknesses, and strengths of this malicious eye.

Strengths: Is fast, has 2 forms, spits out slaves, and does extra damage in its second form.

Weaknesses: Has poor acceleration/deacceleration, is the weakest boss, easy for a ranged charachter(or magic) loses defense in second form.

Arena: 5-10 rows of wooden plat forms 10-20 blocks wide.

Weapons: Shurikens, a sword, and a bow.(a gun if you can get your hands on one as well)

The Fight! Just spam shurikens at the pupil and shoot your bow there too and you should win.