The Destroyer

HP 80,000 Variety Burrowing/Hardmode Boss Attack Damage Head: 60 Body (Laser): 22 Body (Touch): 40 Tail: 20 Defense Head: 0 Body: 30 Tail: 35 Spawn Time (Night Only) When Mechanical Worm is used. Spawn Area Any Drops 10-12 5-15 Greater Healing Potions 15-30 Souls of Might Summoned By Mechanical Worm

The Destroyer is the easiest Hard Mode boss for a melee charachter(or magic)(or ranged...) It is an upgraded EoW and is easy to pwn. All you need to do is... Have 400 health, 200 mana, have mana flower, have cobalt/obsidian shield, have high defense. Summon The Destroyer, Stand in The Destroyer, use Magic Harp at The Destroyer. Watch The Destroyer die insanely fast. Have Fun!